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All About Us!

We are the Walker’s. We are a husband and wife photography team from Airdrie Alberta. Scott, a firefighter and Sandra, an artist, met in 2005, fell in love, got married and had two beautiful children. Sounds simple right? Wrong. We think life is a series of ordinary moments that feel extraordinary to us. At Walker Photography, we are dedicated to capturing your unique story through our lens.

We collaborate together on every photo shoot, creating an experience steeped in artistic magic. We find, and preserve the most special moments of your life; the giggle of new love, a loving hand protectively tucked over another and the sweet first grin of your most precious gift. The time you spend with us will feel special, creative and most of all, fun. We love to share your story and it shows in our work.

Thank you for considering us to share your extraordinary life, loves and laughter. We are always honored when clients invite us to be a part of the moments that matter the most.

Through our lens, your brightest light will glow.




Meet Scott!

 He is a full time Firefighter

He is known for his sarcastic sense of humor (and has some pretty terrible jokes that even make his kids roll their eyes)

Don't hate him, but he is a HUGE Montreal Canadians Fan

Scott is the youngest of 9 siblings (big groups do not intimidate him)

His favorite food growing up was a Peanut Butter and Pickle sandwich

He loves country music 

He is an incredible dad to his two children

Scott likes to go fly fishing, or shoot his bow

At photoshoots don't be surprised to find Scott laying in water or mud or climbing into trees to take the perfect picture




Meet Sandra!

She is a full time photographer and one RAD work-at-home mom

She loves to talk and giggles even more 

She went to college for Animation and now paints kids murals for fun

She would live on cereal and cookies if Scott would let her 

You will often catch Sandra listening to music as loud as possible

She would have been happy if they had stopped making music after the 80's (she is a huge Cyndi Lauper fan)

She loves to go to Zumba and thinks she can dance, but she is SO wrong.

She owns and often wears a snuggie!