Eimberdien & Michael's Wedding - SAIT Macdonald Hall - Calgary, AB - Walker Photography

With all the fires and smoke this year, we really didn't mind a little bit of rain in August.  While a rainy forecast might have stressed some brides and grooms, Michael and Eimberdien didn’t seem to mind the downpour for their day. Instead, the couple laughed, kissed, and danced through their day, sometimes beneath a pair of clear umbrellas, but often just embracing the droplets as they fell. 

Michael is an incredible landscape photographer and had his heart set on having a first look with Eimberdien with beautiful downtown Calgary in the background. He spent weeks picking out the perfect location (he even drew us maps and sent us pictures with directions he wanted to see) The rain was coming down so hard while he waiting for her to arrive but to Michael it didn't even matter because he was so eager to see her. Their first look at St. Patrick's Island was by far the wettest we have ever been on a wedding. Regardless of the storm, an emotional first moment of seeing each other ensured that there wasn’t a dry eye under the abundance of umbrellas.

We were able to spend some time with the two of them together before their ceremony finding spots out of the rain for a few pictures while the two of them cuddled and kept each other warm. 

Their wedding Ceremony was held inside Mary Mother Of The Redeemer Parish and their Reception inside the Macdonald Hall at SAIT. Later that day the rain actually stopped for a while and we were able to take Michael & Eimberdien outside for a fun night time photo with sparklers and all of their guests.

Rain on a wedding day will always mean you have the best stories to tell, and a collection of very memorable moments of your day. Michael & Eimberdien's day is truly one we will never forget, from start to finish it was a perfect day in our books.


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Anne-Marie Opsteen(non-registered)
The rain did not stop any off the amazing moments . It's so fantastic to see all the emotions on the faces , the rain did not stop any off it. It made it more special.
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